Keyboard promlem with direction keys

OK my keyboard is a HCL model 7 years old and didnt have any driver cd.
It was working fine, but a few hours ago while playing fifa i noticed that i could not use the"up" & "left" key together to go upleft direction.
other keys are working ok like upright, downleft etc,
only the upleft is not happening.

Plz tell me what to do, shoul i get a new keyboard ?
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  1. if this just started recently, then upgrade to one that uses usb or wireless.

    if this happened after installing a game or only during a game, try updating the driver:
  2. well i just noticed the problame today while playing fifa 11 , i played the game yesterday and it was fine then , and i am playing it for a long time also
  3. with the keyboard test program i found that the up & left key is not being able to presseed together , while the other direction keys are... is this a software problem pls help
  4. first try updating the driver first, then if your driver is up to date and the keyboard is still not working fully, then it would be best to get a new keyboard
  5. well now all of mine direction keys are out of service , i am thinking of buying a new one , but can this be caused due to any virus maybe
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