Installations, Libraries, Downloads on a drive other than OS drive.

Hello, everyone.

I'm getting everything set up on a brand new computer build.

I've got a 64GB SSD that holds the OS, and then a 1 TB HDD that I want to put everything else on.

In Windows Explorer, how can I change the Library function to apply to the HDD (E:)?

When I hit Start, go to Computer, and then click Libraries, I want it to display what is being held in (E:).

In addition, in terms of the SSD holding the OS, what else -must- go in that drive with it? What can I safely remove from it? My friend told me drivers had to be on the same drive as the OS, and I believe her, but is there anything else that has to be there, too?
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  1. Just right-click the "Libraries" folder, add a new library, call it something like "E Drive", and add the "E:\" folder to it.
  2. That's not exactly what I had in mind. When I click on "Library" on the left side of Windows Explorer, I want those to be E: folders in the director, instead of the boot drive's.

    I'd like to know if that's possible.
  3. Haha, well. Turns out that all the Library does is show an aggrevated view of folders you already have. That's neat, but I can't simply just change what the icons represent, it seems.

    I went and created new copies of each Library director (Pictures, Documents, etc), and put E:/ folders in them. Except now their icons are all the same. Slightly annoying! How can I change them?
  4. Right click on a library. Go into properties. From there you can change the Location. Do this for each library.
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