MSI nVidia GTX 660 Vs GTX 670

MSI nVidia GTX 660 Ti Power Edition 2GB Vs NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2GB

I've seen videos and its only around 4 fps difference (battlefield 3 benchmark).. personally i think the 660 can take this as it has a free borderlands 2 key when purchased, they're basically the same price in Australia... GTX 660 being 399 and GTX 670 being 409 (on special..)

I'm not quite sure... still very confused..

Please help
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  2. The 670 is the better card quite simply, for the sake of $10 i would definitely get the 670 and this is coming from a 660ti owner!
  3. Either or, they are both nearly the same performance wise.
  4. There is not a $10 difference, more like $100 though with games mostly ports the results are not adequately reflected in FPS numbers, but the GTX 670 is far better, that said if the GTX 660ti hangs with the bigger brothers why do you really need to buy a $400 or $500 card.
  5. 670 hands down at that price difference. Disabling one of the memory controllers on the 660 Ti completely slaughtered it when compared to the 670.
  6. Well considering they both have 2GB the newer card will almost always win, unless you were comparing completely different editions of the same card. I would say go with the "better" one if you can afford it, really not reason not to.
  7. The 660 Ti's performance is close enough to the 670 that I was surprised thinking nVidia may have shot themselves in the foot. But I wanna wait till I see more reviews of the Asus TOP version before I form an opinion.....techpowerup does great reviews but they don't play with voltage much so i wanna see what gets done when ya do that.

    This makes the card just 8% slower than GTX 670, and 5% faster than AMD's HD 7950, which is more expensive. But at lower speeds, the MSI does better than the Asus

    This makes the card just 8% slower than GTX 670, and 5% faster than AMD's HD 7950, which is more expensive. In our MSI GTX 660 Ti review today, we noticed that MSI's card delivers higher performance levels at lower clocks than any other card, both at stock and overclocked.....At that price the card easily beats AMD's HD 7950 in all important criteria: performance, power, noise, heat, performance per Dollar, and performance per Watt.
  8. I forgot to say, you can always compare them here

    It has helped me tons to decide, it can be difficult with so many different versions of the same thing and such.
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