Win 7 64 bit Driver for HP Laserjet 6L


The driver in Win 7 for HP 64 bit has ti be reinstalled each time I use the printer. Is there a better driver available?
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  1. Try going to Windows update and select custom. You should get a list of hardware drivers if available.
  2. Thank you for getting back to me. I have gone through windows update. They list the printer as incompatable. I found a way to have the driver reinstall by the simple act of unplugging it after use then replugging it into a designated USB port I set up for it. Takes a few seconds but the connection holds all day and through a variety of programs. It does tend to get a little cranky when I go from a windows to a .pdf file. Not too big an inconvenience. Dell, could not help. they had some good suggestions but they didn't work out. Most of the advertised solutions wanted $$$ up front with NO guarantees.

    If someone knows of a reliable driver for the HPLJ6 for Win7, I would be grateful for the information. It is a wonderful monochrome laser printer and I will do my best to keep it.
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