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I have been saving up for the last couple years for an upgrade. Considering how the Haswell processors' release date keep getting pushed further back, and also grim reviews on early speculation regarding them. I'm hoping for some input on whether to wait it out or upgrade soon.

Current System specs are:
Chip: Intel Core I7 940 ( Bloomfield )
RAM: 6Gb of Kingston Generic RAM
Video Card: Nvidia EVGA GeForce GTX 580
Mother board: Gigabyte EX58 DS4
Hard drives: Intel SSD 60 GB (windows installation only and some essentials)
A whole bunch of other random hard drives for gaming music movies and the like
Power supply : Corsair HX 1000W modular
Optical drive : LG DVD drive ( cheap )

Should i upgrade to ? : the latest processor (Core™ i7-3930K Processor, 3.20GHz w/ 12MB Cache) with a Rampage
IV Extreme w/ DDR3 1866, 7.1 Audio, Gigabit Lan, PCI-E, 4-way CrossFireX / SLI // or wait on
Haswell chipset and socket 1150 motherboards
: Nvidia's GPU rumored refresh chip set ( in fall ) or a GTX 680 or Titan ( maybe on the titan )
: Ram ( some high end iteration of G Skill RAM ) 16 Gb
: Hard drive already have( dedicated windows drive Intel 520 SSD 240 G ) and some other
Powersupply already have the Corsiar AX1200i Digital Power Supply

Many thanks in advance for feedback :D
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  1. If you can wait, then wait. If you can't then just upgrade to Ivy Bridge.

    I'm guessing a 6% - 8% average performance increase based on the simple fact that Intel is focusing more on reducing power consumption than on CPU performance. The real performance boost will probably come next year with Broadwell. If you feel that waiting another 4 - 5 months for 6% - 8% performance increase, then that's your call. Actual benchmarks will likely not be released until Intel officially announces Haswell in June.
  2. I would personally wait just to bag a bargain on lga 1155 the i7 940 is still a great processor and haswell is more focused on the laptop industry imo. and the over-clocking capabilities seem to only be getting worse that 6-8% increase will not be worth squat if they over clock bad.
  3. That PSU is overkill for your build.

    Your best choice is to move over to AM3+ or wait for Haswell at this point.
  4. I see no point to upgrade now with your current spec.
    Even I want to wait with my iron old Q6600.
  5. I don't think upgrading to an 2011 is such a good idea if you're just a gamer. Granted 2011 mobos have more RAM availability and more PCI slots but if you're just going to stick with 1 powerful graphics card or even 2 with a couple of 8GB sticks of RAM an Ivy Bridge is more than enough. However, if you want to wait for the Haswell chips that's not a bad idea either, just don't expect much from them, they're going to be utmost 10% faster than an Ivy Bridge chip but most importantly they won't consume more than 20w of power compared to the Ivy's 130w+ consumption if you care about that kind of stuff. Haswell will also have double the on board graphics chip performance, but I think that will be useless to desktop PCs as no one ever uses it if you got a good graphics card.

    Bottom line, if you care about the newest CPU and MOBO features, longevity of your PC's life and getting an extra 10% out of the CPU, wait for a Haswell. If you think you'll upgrade the PC you're about to buy in a couple of years or so then there's no sense of waiting for a new chip, buy an Ivy Bridge with a Titan and it will serve you for at least another 5 years.
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