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Ok guys. Im wanting to connect a PC to a HDTV with a DVI to HDMI Cable. The graphics card in the pc is a ATI Radeon 6310 and it has a VGA output and a DVI output. My TV Only has Scart and HDMI input. So I was searching around on the internet and came across a DVI-D To HDMI Cable. I was about to purchase one but i did a bit of searching on them first and it just confused me more. Heres my question in depth. Will that cable bring the image over from the computer to a 720p 19 inch HDTV? And will I be able to do a first boot on the computer using that method? Im just so confused, please help.

p.s. I cant afford a monitor.
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  1. I have used DVI to HDMI on an HDTV and it works perfectly.
  2. Can you see all the details? And can you boot from it or do you need a monitor to setup the settings?
  3. Mine was 1080P on a 50" Plasma and it looked fine. Also had my laptop connected to my parents 82" DLP @ 1080P. It looked fine as well.

    The computer will recognize it as a monitor. So there shouldn't be anything to setup besides maybe re-sizing the resolution if that is even an issue.
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