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Hello Everyone

I want to build a PC for my room mate. He's an Industrial Designer in automobile sector and his work involves a lot of Alias modelling and rendering on Keyshot. He's in a bit of a rush and does not want to wait till jan/13 (haswell or piledriver) and I have to build him a machine from scratch with whats available now.

I just need a quick opinion on two things

1.which FX processor or a Liano APU should we go for (he wont OC)? (I personally recommended a 3450 but that's pushing his budget way too much) or would an i3 2120 handle multitasking well (there maybe multiple instances of renderings running parallelly)

2.can somebody direct me to a gaming GPU vs workstation gpu comparison (e.g. would an HD 6670 suffice or should I look for a quadro)


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  1. If he's doing rendering, I would just get the Phenom II x4 965. Also, Piledriver isn't far off. It looking like the 23rd is the release date. A good worksation GPU is going to cost northwards of $100. A 7750 and Phenom II x4 965 would be a great combo.
  2. @ obsama1
    23 Oct?....that's great info...i'll have to check their availability with the Indian vendors though. but thanks a lot...its 2 a.m. so i'll sign off now and get back to you tomorrow. have a few questions about that 965/7750 combo you suggested... later

    - satyam
  3. He's going to need a Quado or FirePro. Alias Studio *really* hates consumer card drivers.
  4. @Draven
    read up a bit on the consumer gpu vs workstation gpu looks like a huge difference between the the two types lies in accuracy of the output as well as driver optimization.
    reader refer:
    thanks for the reply
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