GTX 480 OR GTX 670


I am building a new HTPC that will also be a gaming system. Will be on a 1080p plasma, power is not an issue, and while budget is not a major issue I was looking to save a bit of money (currently system is pricing out ~$1,600 w/670). I have done some research and believe I understand the compromises I would be making with the 480 (more power consumption, runs hotter, louder, & less performance). 48 hour sale on the 480 so appreciate the prompt response!

My Question: Would you go with the 480 @ $200 OR 670 @ $400 ?
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  1. 660 ti @ $300
  2. GTX480 in an HTPC? Really?
  3. I would get a 660ti or a gtx670.
  4. gtx 670 will be a better choice. bcz it is better than both 660ti and 480. in 1080p you will be able enjoy a lot with 670.
  5. My thoughts:

    1) Any graphics card for a gaming PC will serve in an HTPC, after acknowledging power & noise concerns (as you have).

    2) Therefore, consider what sort of gaming performance you will require from this machine, and evaluate your card choice as a gamer first. Things I'd consider in particular:
    ---a) Do I want to impress friends/family with how awesome my games look? (I'm serious. For real, I have roommates who are perfectly happy to watch me play Deus Ex, Mass Effect, etc. instead of watching TV.)
    ---b) What titles do I play now? What will I be playing in the next ~12 months?
    ---c) Will I be able to upgrade this card in the next 12, 18, or 24 months?
    ---d) How much time will I spend gaming on this machine, and how many dollars per hour am I willing to spend on increased performance?

    For my money, I'd go for the GTX 670, but I'm picky about frame rates and my lifestyle is such that this system would do more duty as a gaming rig in the living room than an HTPC playing media. YMMV.
  6. If you can afford it then I'd go with the 670.
  7. if the matter was below 1080p so i should go with 660ti. bcz i have one and it runs very good but in some games i didn't get quite respectable fps.. so i think it will be better to hang out with 670. (if budget is not your prob.)
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