Asus AMD HD 7770 OC or AMD HD 6870 OC

I'm stuck with what graphics card to buy, merely because I can't find benchmarks for this game. The game I will mostly be playing is Minecraft, (with the exception of some, much more graphically-intensively games). I know Minecraft is more of a CPU-intensive game, but I believe the graphics card also serves some importance.

So I'm stuck with the decision between two graphics cards to play this game, the AMD HD 6870, overclocked to 915MHz, (0.915GHz) or the AMD HD 7770, overclocked to 1020MHz, (1.02GHz). I'm not sure if the graphics card's clock speeds play any role, but both the cards have 1GB of GDDR5 VRAM, and are sold by Asus.

Which of the two cards will perform better on Minecraft coupled with a decent CPU, say: FPS-wise?

-Thanks (:
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  1. Just checked out this benchmark:

    It looks like the 6870 scores better in all fields (besides one). However, the clock speeds are 900 MHz (6870) and 1000MHz (7770).

    But relatively it should be the same as 915 MHz compared to 1020 MHz
  2. 6870 is better anyway.
  3. Now, the AMD HD 6870 uses PCI Express 2.1, whereas the AMD HD 7770 uses PCI Express 3.0. What does this mean? what will differ between the two connections? I would think the PCIE 3.0 to be higher generation, and if so, any cards using it, to be superior to lower generations of PCIE, can someone please explain these to me?

    At the moment I'm leaning towards the AMD HD 6870, which uses the PCIE 2.1. I am also using an LGA2011 socket motherboard, will this PCIE generation slow down, or bottleneck the capabilities of the CPU?

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