I5 3570k or FX 8350 ?

Hey guys , wanna have some opinions about the two processors ? Which one is better/ faster ? Will be using it for gaming .
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  1. What games are you playing? In a lot of GPU-dependent games such as Crysis 3, they perform fairly similarly, and 8350 can even sometimes do better.

    However, if you're interested in playing something that is very CPU-dependent, namely StarCraft II, I would definitely go for the i5.
  2. GTA 4 , Crysis 3 , BF3 , Planetside 2 , games like that.
  3. I would say FX-8350 simply because you can upgrade to steamroller later on. There really isn't any point in going with a 3750K at this time since haswell is nearing release. Either go with FX-8350 or wait around for haswell.
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