Wait for Haswell or No?

Hey guys! So I have been planning to upgrade my CPU and Motherboard for a while, coming from an i5 650 Clarkdale and an 1156 motherboard. I picked out an i5 3350P and an ASRock Z75 Pro3 Motherboard. I have known Haswell was coming for a while, but somehow overlooked the fact that Haswell is introducing a new socket. My thinking in waiting for Haswell is that the new 1150 socket should be good for another two or 3 generations after Haswell, so I might as well the motherboard and CPU now, and if I want to, I can upgrade in the future. I plan on getting what is to be the equivalent in price to the 3350P, and what is about equivalent to the Z75 Pro3. With all this said, it seems to make sense to wait for Haswell, but I am just wondering if any of you think against it. Thanks in advance! :D
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  1. New socket motherboard prices are always inflated during the initial socket release. If you are on a limited budget, consider waiting around until the Holiday season to pickup Haswell.
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