Build almost done, need vid card help

Ok. I think that after reviewing everything from my other thread, and talking to a lot of people, I think I'm going settle on the A10-5800k processor with an MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 board (the one that MSI just recently overclocked to around 7.3GHZ with the A10).

My only question now is which AMD 6670 discrete card to pair it with. It needs to support crossfire and I want to make sure it will work with the integrated GPU in the A10-5800k. I looked at tigerdirect and newegg and there are 20-30 options.

I just wanna make sure I get one that's compatible with the A85XA board. I saw there's a few options but couldnt tell from MSI's site whether the mobo supported DDR3 or DDR5 memory on the video card. I see the memory itself is listed at only DDR3 so does that mean the vid card will only support DDR3 as well?

There seems to even be multiple listings for the 6670 from same manufacturers like MSI, AUSUS, Saphire, etc....Which direction should I go with the added discrete card which I'll crossfire with the onboard gpu?
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  1. I can't say as to that, but generally they should be about the same cards. XFX is a good brand, ASUS should be good, and Sapphire has been out there a while too. I would look and see what has the best reviews, there was some controversy about MSI regarding some nvidia cards recently, so may want to look at another manufacturer till they get that worked out.

    Many times also, video cards will have faster ram than the system ram so you should be ok there.
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