Will it be worth it?

I currently am using a radeon 5770 and am wondering if it would be worth upgrading to a hd 7970 3gb video card, or if it would just be over kill? I currently only use 2 monitors,and don;t want to spend 400 dollars if i will get little return from it. Thanks for the help.

Games: Guild Wars 2, borderlands and Dayz (Arma 2) currently.

Current cpu: fx-6200 3.8 - 6 core
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  1. going from a single 5770 to 7970 is a massive improvement. what is your current resolution?
  2. I currently run at 1920x1080 on 2 monitors. One I use for gaming the other is used for movies ect.
  3. 7970 should be good choice then. that is if you not really concern about 'bang for buck' stuffs
  4. That would be a huge upgrade. Good card to go for.
  5. A 7950 will run all the games in your list at 1920, full max with 75+ fps, and nearly every other game at full max, 1920 @ 60. A 7970 is slight overkill, especially if you're comfortable overclocking.

    AMD announced price drops for the 7k cards from the 7850 to the 7950. I'd wait for the new prices to propagate down to retailers, then pick up a 7950.


    have fun!
  6. GTX 660 ti @ $300. Save yourself $100.
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