Flickering Red Pixels On Monitor When I Use HDMI

I have an issue with flickering red pixels and blue lines on my Samsung SyncMaster S27A550H and was hoping somebody could help me here. They seem to form patterns based on colors and move with whatever they are on. This only happens over HDMI (not VGA). It happens with both by laptop and XBOX and both HDMI cords I have (which all work fine on other TVs). It is out of warranty and if it is something simple I would like to do it myself. Is it the graphics card on my computer/XBOX or would simply replacing the HDMI port on the monitor help?

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  1. I would disconnect everything from the syncmaster including power etc... Then reconnect. Also try playing this video, don't play if you suffer from epilepsy


    Check to see if your cords have broken heads, make sure when you plug them they go all the way in, not being plugged in correctly can cause strange reactions.

    I hope you get it fixed! :)
  2. It has already been unplugged for about a week and is still not any better.
    I also checked my cords (They are all fine)
  3. Please post your desktop and laptop specs and maybe it would help to know a bit about your xbox as well.
  4. My laptop: Dell XPS 15z
    i7 Processor
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M

    XBOX: XBOX 360 Slim
  5. I see, I am no expert but it seems to me that since it is happening with your xbox and laptop (most importantly xbox) as well, your graphics card is probably not the problem.

    It could be there is something wrong with the Monitor itself, in that case your best chance is to probably buy new cables and try that or eventually a new monitor. You could try using the monitor with a third device.

    I got a super nintendo from 1987 that had not been used for ages, it didn't work, I opened it and cleaned all the dust in it, to my surprise that fixed it, and now works like new. Maybe if you did something to your monitor along those lines, you have nothing to loose really, since the warranty is voided.
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