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Okay so recently i've decided that the amd fx processor is no longer for me, and i'm going to return it to the store...
I have the original box and heatsink, BUT i don't have the plastic casing that came around the processor to keep the pins from getting damaged...
Any idea on how I can keep the processor safe from my house to the store?
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  1. I do not think that the store will take back an unsealed product, especially when it does not come back in its original packaging.
  2. Most stores will NOT accept returns of CPUs including microcenter.
  3. As above most store will not take back a CPU anyway. What is the problem with the FX? I have had two FX builds a FX-8120 and a FX-8350 and they were both very good gaming rigs and were able to keep up with my i5 3570K in every way.
  4. The reason i was going to exchange it was because i thought it might have gotten fried.....

    I looked into it more, and could a problem with my system not booting be the power supply is faulty?
    When i start it up all the fans spin, but it never reaches the POST process it seems (as in fans keep spinning and i get no beeps at all)
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