GTX 280 crashing my rig!


I will attempt to describe this in as full detail as possible.

I purchased a pc about 4 or 5 years ago and it was top of the line. I have used it without problems until a few days ago.

When I attempt to start a game or even view a 3d image, i get the pink screen or a blue screen or sometimes even a christmas themed red and green screen.

My first thought was to update the drivers of the graphics card. I put in a nvidia 8400 gs from an old pc i had lying around and i could load a game and play for a few minutes. This card had no fan and i didnt want to damage anything so i removed it.

I have also reseated the RAM, dusted the inside of my case, power cycled.

I can browse the internet fine, I am typing this from my pc. Please let me know your thought as to how I can remedy this problem.

My graphics card is a nvidia gtx280.

I've included some images with some information about my specs, please let me know if you need anything else.
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  1. sounds like your GTX280 is dead.
  2. What's your power supply make and model?
  3. You are going to need to rebuild the card if you want anymore use out of it. After cleaning the cooler out you must replace the failed inductors that have shorted out. The rest of the card should have little or no problem but when the screen goes pink or shows blocks usually the gpu isn't getting enough power even at reduced clocks to even display an image correctly. I own two and had a third gtx280.

    The safe range is R45 through to R60, the original inductors were not meant to last and you got a long time out of your card as is. Replace with R50 inductors from any mainboard or buy in bulk lets say a pack of 20 from any online store that sells them. Once you have done that the vrm phases will work like they used to and power will be restored. The card will actually will hit higher clocks with the mod.
  4. i actually underclocked the graphics card and it does work. games videos everything.

    what does this mean big picture wise?
  5. Then you are lucky enough to have a card that is still functioning at all. Just take the cooler off and check each inductor to see if any wiggles. When these ferrite shielded inductors fail they short out and at one or both ends break up leaving it hanging only by the two leads that are still soldered to the bead.
  6. Just underclock it a bit then. Hopefully you didnt have to underclock too much.
  7. top is the default
    bottom is the settings im using
    is it too much?
  8. Just rebuild it or buy another card.
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