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how many years my processor will run games smoothly ??????/
i have I5-2500k and have gtx660ti
and i mean hardcore games not like mario bros....lolllllllllll
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  1. Your processor will run your current games just as smoothly now as they will in 10 years from now.

    How will your processor play future games? Who knows. We don't even know what types of games you want to play in the future.
  2. Yeah what he said. That is just a unanswerable question. Only the future will tell. It all depends on how complex games get and if game devs start optimizing them very well. Already my gtx 680 lightning cant play crysis 3 maxed at 1080p. Lol. Your cpu should be just fine for a while but your gpu surely will slow you down soon enough.
  3. Oh, now that he has edited his post to include "hardcore games" we can totally answer this!

    No, we still can't. We cant tell you about games that are not developed yet, or how you will configure the games to be displayed. Will Battlefield 4 be revolutionary and consume almost no resources while running at 452543 pixels by 2394? Will Crysis 18 require a small nuclear reactor and 10 intel i9-9770k chips to power your game? NO ONE KNOWS!
  4. Honestly, you shouldn't be worried about the CPU as much as the GPU. GPU's tend to become outdated in as short as even a few months.
  5. Quote:
    Will Crysis 18 require a small nuclear reactor and 10 intel i9-9770k chips to power your game? NO ONE KNOWS

    have read this like 5 times already and I just can't stop laughing...small nuclear reactor!!!

    anyway ankk, games coming within the next 5 years will not demand 5 GHz clock. That is because, right now we are all seeing a convergence between PC and console gaming. Console gaming always takes more time in upgrading hardware compared to the PC industry.

    The production industry which actually dictates cpu power is helped more by better IPC/architecture rather than sheer GHz. And we see that difference manifest itself in Intel's budget chips performing better than AMD upper range chips.

    If you've seen the latest PS-4 specs you will see an 8 jaguar core amd package sitting inside with shared ddr5 ram for the cpu-gpu.
    all those cores are 1.6 GHz and really all the cpu's we have, will do reasonably well with games coming in next 4-5 years. And we are all seeing bigger l3 caches but no l4's :)

    DDR5 ram will not provide a massive leap over ddr4/3 but only an incremental one.

    So you are secure in terms of cpu and ram for this period. a game engine's thread management player controls, actions etc are handled by the cpu but it is the GPU which renders each pixel in each frame and computes object physics and this is the reason why most games are held back or accelerated by gpu(which all have their individual vrams at ddr5 anyway) and that is the component you will have to upgrade for a performance boost. which marshal and tiger have both already pointed out.

    read these two threads and you'll know the importance of the gpu better.

    good luck and happy reading

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