Asus Gtx 560ti 448 vs MSI Gtx 660ti?

Are there any benchmarks around comparing the 448 core gtx 560ti cards to the more recent gtx 660ti ones?
I've been searching around google for a while now not really turning anything up. Can the 448 core card keep up with the 660ti when overclocked?
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  1. The 660ti is pretty much on par with the 580 in most games. It therefore crushes the binned version of GF104, the 560ti 448 Core (aka the worst name in video card history).
  2. I definitely saw a review of the 660 Ti that included 560 Ti 448 cores benchmarks. You can pretty much compare it to the GTX 570. They are very close in performance, especially if you are talking about an overclocked 448 cores model.
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