Is it risky or not???

i have no ups or backup power suppy till i buy my pc 10 years ago and till now i have done many upgrades in hardware but none of them damage due to power cut
my pc always power off directly when a power cut occur and then again it restart on the inverter
and now i m thinking of buying a new high end grafic card DO I NEED TO BUY A UPS??
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  1. You don't per say NEED one but it is always extremely useful to buy one. If you live in an area where power failure is the norm then I would say go ahead and get one.
    You can never be too cautious when dealing with delicate equipment such as computer hardware.

    You really only NEED a UPS though in a network server situation where the UPS will give the server time to finish anything in it's cache, clear it, and then safely turn off. Otherwise there will be data issues.

    Because UPS equipment can be expensive, I would say just go with a good surge protector. As I said you only need a UPS in a network server environment.
  2. so does direct power cut damages the equipment or not and if i buy a surge protector then again it will directly turn off
  3. I don't believe it damages equipment if the power is directly cut from the system rather than anything like spikes or brown outs. But it never hurts to have a surge protector.

    Even with a UPS it's not like you will continue gaming like nothing happened. Especially with a high end graphics card drawing a bunch of power. It is only temporary power that will give you enough time for you to close files and shut down safely, or for a server to auto shutdown safely without loosing any data.
  4. ok feels good to hear that direct power cuts doensnt damge the equipments
    thank you
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