Need help Deciding on a GPU

hello! On my orginal build i had a Radeon 7870 ($250), but now looking at the 550 Ti Superclocked ($130) i think its a better choice. Im going for a gaming PC, and after i buy the 550 Ti, i want to upgrade to another one in SLI, so should i go with
2 550 Ti(s) or a Radeon HD 7870?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You will be wasting money. That's downgrading. Even the 560 Ti is outperformed by the 7870. Just add another 7870 for Crossfire.
  2. Ooooor, overclock that 7870 to 7950 levels and have a better set-up than dual 550Tis with just one card.

    If you dont want that, Crossfire dat 7870 as excella said.
  3. Stronger single card over weaker cards in SLI/Crossfire any day.

    And as the others said. If you already have a 7870, get another in Crossfire than dumping it for an SLI setup that can only be equal at best to its performance.
  4. So you haven't built yet, and you were considering an HD 7870, but now you think it's better to SLI two low-end cards? NO.

    Sound advice: if you want to go Nvidia, buy a GTX 660. If you don't mind AMD, buy an HD 7870. They're about equal in performance with the 7870 winning more often, especially when both cards are overclocked.

    Either way, a powerful single GPU is always better than any mid-low end dual-card config.
  5. ^Agree. Get the best single card you can afford. If you SLI or xfire in the future you have to consider power and heat not to mention dual card problems. Dual card set-ups can work very well - Single cards will almost always work with fewer hassles.
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