What power supply brands should be avoided

I've heard of a few bad brands but I want to know what brands are not something to buy. And by bad, I mean bad, or anything potentially explosive.
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  1. I don't know which ones to avoid, but I only go for Seasonic and Corsair PSU's anyway. The only 2 brands I trust in the field.
  2. Those are what I would buy too. But I trust XFX. Not just because I have one and it's great but because there PSUs are actually made from SeaSonic.
  3. It really depends on the model you get. Some companies contract out their various models to companies ranging from Seasonic to Hon Chu Industrial Corp to make their PSUs.

    However, Seasonic makes all their own stuff and they are right at the top of the quality opinions. Corsair is highly rated too, as is XFX. Cooler Master is getting much better lately also.
  4. used to be a while ago where whole brands were shunnned....but lately brands like rosewill and coolermaster have SOME good products...not all.
  5. Personally I use Cooler Master. As everyone else has said, they are getting better. But before Cooler Master, I used Rosewell. Always remember to buy a major, popular brand for a PSU.
  6. hardware secrets is a good website that tests psu's

    i rmbr they did a test of apaevia psu's and they both blew up on them :)
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