Help please my new powersupply not working

i just bought a new psu the ultra ls 500 and also a new graphics card radeon 7850 i installed both proper i checked about 100 times problem is i still get no signal from my monitor. when i plug in the old graphics card and psu it works and has signals but with the new psu and graphics card fans run but thats about it somebody please help

p.s my mobo is ipisb-vr rev 1.01 from aser
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  1. What happens if you use the new PSU with the old GPU? You need to determine which one is DOA. What model is your old PSU? You probably already know that the new PSU is not the best 500W PSU that you could buy.
  2. I didnt try the old psu with the new gpu because the new. Gpu needs a 500 power psu and my old psu is only 300w the old psu was stock and the model# is FSP300-60ep (1)
  3. on the new power supply check the 5v gray power good line. if it low the old mb may not turn on.
  4. It is getting enough juice its the only rhing I have plugged in atm I tried moving it to a diffrent plug still thw same issue
  5. The old PSU is powerful enough to power up your system, including the new GPU. You need to determine if it's the new GPU or PSU that's defective. If the system won't work with the new PSU and old GPU, then you know the new low quality PSU is defective. You can test the new GPU with the old PSU.
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