Wont post, beeps with no ram, nothing with ram

Hi I built a computer on the weekend for my friend and I cant get it to post.

It is a ESC p67h2-a3 mobo
i5 3570k processor
16gb (4 x 4) G.Skill ripjaws
AMD 4800 GPU(His new one is on the way)
600w coolermaster PSU

I get no display and no post and no beeps with ram in, but the three beeps with ram out.
I have tried a single stick in all slots and still nothing. It appears from the ECS website that there is no new BIOS.
I was wondering if perhaps it wouldnt like the 3570k IVY bridge? It is my old motherboard and I had a i7 2600k in it and it worked fine. Any help would be great.
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  1. There is a latest 2.22mb bios released. Flash with that bios to run 3rd gen IB cpu. For Ivy Bridge, you need a bios flash to latest one.

    For flashing, install 2600k and flash the bios to latest one. Make sure the PCB version is same.

    But why do you replace 2600k with i5-3570k? 2600k is better than i5.
  2. The 2600k is my processor im still using, it is my old motherboard which I have donated to my friend for his build, thanks I will try this
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