Intel i5 3330 vs 3470

Hi Community

I am still considering what parts to get for my new gaming pc that i am going to build and need some feedback on which cpu i should .

What i want to know is should i get the intel i5 3330 or the 3470? At the store that i am buying there's a $15 difference between the 3330 and the 3470. I will be using this pc only for playing newly released games and word processing. While at the same time I will also not be overclocking the CPU

My parts that i am planning to get are listed below

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77X-D3H - $149
Memory: 8GB Patriot-S DDR3-1600 RAM - $46
GPU: Sapphire 7870 2GB OC Edition - $249
HDD: WD Blue 1TB - $57
PSU: Coolermaster GX Power 650W - $92
Case: Coolermaster HAF912 - $78

Which one should i get? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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  1. If you're not going to overclock your CPU, go with the 3350P, save some money on the motherboard and buy one with either a B75 ot H77 chipset, and add the money saved to your graphics card budget, and upgrade to a HD 7870 XT or HD 7950.
  2. what are some good b75 or h77 chipset motherboard that i can get? Also will there be a decrease in frame rate in my games as a result of my downgrading the cpu from a 3470 to a 3330
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