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Build new Gaming PC or Buy friends ?

Hey guys, Im kind of in a decision making Dilemma. I have 2 choices, Build a New gaming computer that may not be as good and cost more OR buy a buddies gaming PC. Ok, heres the specs

His Computer

His case is

The CRAPPY PSU is a Rocket Fish 700 W from Best buy so I would have to buy a new one for about 100 dollars.

My Build

What should I do guys? I am honestly curious at any pros or cons to this whole thing. I have build 3 other gaming computers so this isnt an issue. I just want a good deal to save money i guess. His CPU is the X6 1100T, I was going to upgrade that to the FX 8350 since the MOBO is AM3+ and I was going to buy a new Corsair 750 psu so the price would go up
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  1. may not be as good?your build is better in pretty much everything!if the cost difference is not huge go for yours!to cut the cost get another PSU 750WW are not so significant in your build!
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    Your build is going to be much better. I'd recommend this variation though:

    You don't even need that much power, 650 or 700 watts would be fine (maybe 700 for overclocking) and that'll save a few bucks, and you could upgrade the video card to a 7970 if you want. The motherboard is fine, I like mine. And the Caviar Blue is slightly less performance but more space, I mean, really, it makes more sense to keep the price down. Besides those it looks good.
  3. I Have the Windows 7 Home Edition 32/64 bit FULL already so thats not an issue in my price. I would LOOOOVE to save as much money as possible, but I want a damn good computer. I am going to be using NEWEGG again so I can use combo deals to help. I really like the fact that the Mobo suggested above comes with 8 Gigs of Free ram...That is actually a really really good incentive. If I were to get a 7950 or a 670, would having JUST a 650 suffice for the PSU ?
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  5. Yes, 650 would be enough, but if you are going that route get one of these:

    They'll perform better than 7950's, but it is a little more spendy. If you are going with AMD though, 700 seems to be about the right amount of power because of the less efficient architecture compared to Kepler. You could get away with 650 for the 7950 but I wouldn't advise overclocking any components at that point, which would defeat the purpose of the CPU.

    So, Nvidia: 650, slightly more performance, more expensive
    AMD: 700, slightly less performance, a bit cheaper

    It's a trade off really.
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