Bought a 660Ti, dedicated Physx card?

The title might be a little misleading. No i don't plan on using a 660Ti just for Physx. I do really like Physx though, and having only had a single video card in my life, my 5850, I've never actually been able to use it. So when I get my new 660Ti, I definitely want to use Physx in games like Batman, and the soon to be released Borderlands 2. Now I've heard that Physx is fairly taxing on a video card. Even some people going so far as to say a 660Ti wouldn't be able to run Physx. Which I immediately called BS on, seeing as a 660Ti is faster than a 580 and I've seen 580's run Physx.

I do need to see for myself though, and test just how much Physx hinders gameplay in Batman at least. So what I want to know from you guys is, if it turns out that the 660Ti does need some help with Physx, which card should I get to be dedicated to Physx? I was thinking a 550Ti, seeing as it's only a hundred bucks, and I'm more than willing to spend that further down the line. Not really any time soon though, is basically how I'm thinking. I've got some big purchases coming up that would probably take priority. Guild wars 2, a Blu-ray drive, new Turtle Beaches (I beat mine up too bad) etc.

So who has a dedicated Physx card that can tell me how much use they are and which video card would best be suited for the task?
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  1. Honestly, I would think that the 660Ti would be able to manage its own Physx. Its a pretty darn fast card. What I would do is wait, and get your Blu-ray drive and GW2 and your Turtle Beaches, and then Borderlands. See what kind of performance you can get with the Physx on.

    I've got a GTS250 doing my Physx next to my HD6950 and Batman (both of them) run fine. I can run Physx on high on Arkham Askym and on medium on Arkham City. I don't have Borderlands 2 yet though.
  2. Its is enough on it's own but physx does nerf the max and min fps a little bit, you won't need anything more than a 8800/9800gt as a dedicated card. Don't bother with the low end Fermi and Kepler cards.
  3. With a GTX 580, I had zero concerns about running the Batman: Arkham City demo with PhysX set to Extreme. It ran great, the 660 Ti will do even better. The rule of thumb is that a strong enough PhysX card will increase FPS by roughly 25%. I would have the dedicated card as your Plan B after trying out the 660 Ti solo for a while.

    HardOCP is one of the few review sites that will turn on PhysX for benchmarks:
  4. Well if you're running a Nvidia card, it will increase your FPS by like 25%. I get a decrease, but that's because I'm running a 6950 with a GTS250. I actually take a fps, but you should not.
  5. Right now I am playing Batman A. City with PhysX on my bulldozer and a 550ti. The looks are amazing but I really need a new VGA. I asked here before about AMD and Nvidia and had some good opinions here. Guys like nforce4max and matto17secs helped me.

    So, what I can say is that the 550ti can do it, not greatly but reasonably, so it would be ok for a second card.

    It is worth mentioning that I had a little FPS increase when I put the processor to run it.

    Hope it helped.
  6. Lol nforce4max helped me with my Physx setup too.
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