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Hello, I have Gb of ram and recently upgraded from 4gb. When i had 4gb it used 30% of ram when idle. I switched to 8gb and it is using 50% when idle. I used several virus detection softwares to see if that was it. It wasn't. NowIi am also finding programs such as firefox or java using ridiculkous amounts of ram. For example; I was using firefox and was just using google. Next thing I see is a message from windows saying to close firefox casue it using too much ram. I look at the processes to see how much ram and it will be using about 3.5Gb ram... anyone have any idea how to fix?
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  1. What operating system do you have? If you're getting "out of memory" errors with only 3.5GB of RAM in use then it sounds like you have a 32-bit operating system which can only see the first 3.5GB or so of RAM.

    If you want to use 4GB or more of RAM you have to switch to a 64-bit operating system.
  2. Run Malwarebytes.
  3. how much do you use just at idle no network connected plain os
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