Buying a silent psu help please

Hi guys.

I do a lot of mic recording so i am trying to replace my noisy ocz 700watt cheap power supply.
I had enough with it's annoying fan.
I need some recommendations for silent ones please.
Here's my spec
Core i7 3770k
1 x 120gb SSD
3 x 1tb HDD
Geforce 8800GT (might upgrade in the future for gtx 700s,800s, etc)
4gb x 2 Ram

So pretty much those are the main components.

Also, i'm curious if getting a higher wattage than what i require will help lower the psu load, making it more quiet?
I'm not sure if there's any credibility to that..

Anyways thanks!
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More about buying silent please
  1. Higher wattage won't effect the noise level. Antecs are pretty quiet; read some newegg reviews on the earthwatts series. The 650w is fairly popular.
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