520W power supply and Saphire 7950

Hi to everyone in the forums, my name is Sergi and I'm new here, so this is my first post.

I would like you to help me with some doubt that I've got.

The issue is that my brother has ordered a new graphic card from AMD, a Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 With Boost 3GB GDDR5, and hasn't made a prior research before ordering it; and now he is thinking about the power supply, because we are not sure how much power has it got to be able to deliver.

His PC consist on the following:

-520W power supply.
-Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H mother board.
-Intel Core i7-3770K CPU.
-10GB of DDR3.
-Only one 7200 rpm HD at the moment.
-LG DVD burner.
-And some case fans.

So I would like you to tell me if you think a 520W power supply would be enough to run this system with that AMD 7950 graphic card.
Another thing is that the power supply he has got has two 12V rails of 18A.

Thank you very much.
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  1. 10gb of ram sounds weird. do you happen to have 3 sticks inside the system? if so, remove the 2gb stick. it will cause your memory performance to drop as it forces the ram to run in single channel configuration

    now back to the power supply. it sounds like a seasonic made unit (they are the only ones i have seen that make x20w units. its more than enough to power the system
  2. Thanks TheBigTroll, well it is a tad weird, it's two 4GB sticks and two 1GB sticks, all of them running in dual channel.

    And the power supply is from a not very known brand, but hmmm, I have discovered it was damaged, so he will (or maybe will be me) buy a new one.

    How powerful do you think would be reasonable?
  3. 500-550w is enough

    i honestly dont know any other power supply that is listed as 520w. mind telling me the brand?
  4. Of course, the brand is Tacens, the model Radix II 520W, it is (I think) from 2008, but we have retired it, since it was behaving strangely.

    Now we are looking for a replacement, but we are not sure which brand to purchase.
  5. Corsair and Seasonic offer solid 80+ Bronze PSU's in the 500-550 watt range that are fairly inexpensive as well.
  6. logainofhades said:
    Corsair and Seasonic offer solid 80+ Bronze PSU's in the 500-550 watt range that are fairly inexpensive as well.

    Seasonic actually has a 80+ Gold 550W fully modular PSU for $90 bucks called the Seasonic G Series
  7. yeah i can confirm its not a seasonic unit.

    pick this up
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