GTX 550ti display issues

Had the GTX 550ti nearly a year now, suddenly crashes when a game or full screen application is launched, tends to happen a few minutes into a game and such.
Updated drivers, gone back to original, still no luck
Any help is appreciated

PhenomII 555
Gigabyte ma077t
EVGA GTX 550ti
Windows 7 64bit

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  1. What power supply are you running?
  2. Corsair CX500, which has been great!
  3. Been having very frequent crashes today, somtimes when not doing anything intensive...
  4. Maybe try the card in another computer.
  5. Seems to be overheating, when i manually have the fan at 60% or so when gaming, it doesnt tend to crash.
    Was only maxing out at 73 degrees or so though... and sometimes crashes at 50
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