Phantom 410 power assembly installation

Hello all,

First time posting. Awhile ago I bought a 410 to find out my power assembly didn't work; so I contacted NZXT for a new one. They sent me a new one and when it arrived I figured out it also did not work. So I put in ANOTHER request for new one. The support guy said that they would check to make sure it would work this time. I was pretty po'd at that.

The new one arrived and I was overjoyed that I might actually be able to turn it on with a button. STILL it would not turn on. At this point I think it must be my fault with set up. The plugs all plug into the male 2 prong plugs that come from the Fan Controller correct?

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  1. Think you can upload a picture of what your doing or what you have plugged in or trying to plug in?
  2. would have to say you are doing something wrong

    cant be 3 faulty psus

    dont know that case--but would think other than a 4 pin molex for power the only things plugged into your fan controller

    should be fans or leds--if 2 pin then probably leds

    are you connecting the power led--power switch--hdd led etc to the fan controller instead of to the motherboard?
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