System turns on, then off, then on again and works fine

Hello fellows,

I have this little annoyance that I was not able to get rid off through last maybe 3 years,
sometimes when I turn my system on, it seems to be like getting into post, but then it just goes silent like it is turned completely off for about a 2 seconds and only then it starts normally, like nothing happened and works just fine.

To add to this puzzle, it works just fine for all 2 and a half a year I have it, I do not even remember if my computer even had a BSOD and there were definitely no random shutdowns and I am having my 5750 OC too.

I suspect that there probably is some cold contact somewhere otherwise I am out of ideas, that's why I am actually asking if anyone had run into something similar also?
It is just bugging me slightly, as mentioned I actually do not have any issues using it.

mobo gigabyte p55m-ud2
cpu i5-750
graphics gigabyte 5750
1 samsung 500GB drive
4 sticks of 2 gb ram (2x a-data, 2x kingston)
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  1. If you are overclocking the processor it might be a result of that.

    If not, I think you're alright. My buddie's computer does this and he never has an issue.

    Which power supply are you using?
  2. I disabled OC settings some time ago on CPU when I found out that it actually gets in a way of turboboost or whatever it is called (higher clock in single core apps - my OC settings were lowering that clock) as anyway I have yet to run into anything that will make that i5 sweat, really.

    I have Fortron 500w or 550w don't remember, but it has 80+ guarantee for about 7 years and system was doing that since I put it together anyway.

    As you rightly noted, I am alright with that, it's just I would like to know what could be possibly causing it.

    Thanks for reply chum.
  3. No problem. Mine did it for awhile too and it never caused any problems.
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