550w or 750/850w? Is there any difference apart from W

:hello: i recently bought a new power supply for my friend as he needs one to use his graphic card. Just want to ask is there any difference between these two PSU.. XFX PRO CORE EDITON AND vs ARCTIC BLUE 850w also i am thinking of upgrading to a new gpu in a few months maybe.. At the moment i have a gtx260 and will be getting a gtx 560ti. :D

The top two images are XFX 550w PRO and the Bottom two are ARCTIC BLUE 850w

and basically i am just wanting to know if one if better than the other.. as XFX does have this 80 bronze efficiency / writing etc etc.. :pt1cable:

( XFX )

( XFX )



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  1. SORRY FOR THE BIG IMAGES!!!!!! :lol:


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  2. XFX is a better quality psu made by seasonic, i would take that one over the generic 850w, even if the xfx is only 550W, it will do for any single gpu on the market.
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