[Solved]MSI dust removal feature does not kick in

I just bought a GTX 670 Power Edition from MSI.
I was quite exciting about their Dust Removal feature before the purchase. But as soon as I install the card, I feel something is not right. The fans do run in high RPM at startup which is expected. And as soon as it enters Windows 7, the RPM goes down and that's it. The fans didn't come to a complete stop and do a reverse or anything... Strange no?
Also, when I run games on this card at default, the boost clock cranks up to 1176Mhz...Isn't this card only go as high as 1098Mhz at default setting? Did someone in MSI flash my BIOS or something? Should I RMA it?
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  1. The dust removal feature where the fans go revers for a few seconds should always function. As far as I know it does that every time the GPU starts.

    The boost thing means just that. It will boost your card, in this case I believe it does it by itself, but you can mess around with that if you want to as well.

    If it bothers you so much that the reverse thing does not work, you could probably get the RMA, but I would not really count on it. I think they could tell you it just missed that time but it will reverse in the future.

    I hope you get it working!
  2. I watched and timed those fans from the second i press the power button, any I'm 100% sure that the reverse didn't kick in.
    My major concern is not the reverse but the BIOS setting (someone altered it). It's brand new out of factory, the BIOS shouldn't be any different than other GTX 670 PE
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    It's normal for a 670's boost clock to be higher than rated. In fact, it almost always is higher than its supposed to be. Check any reviews, they show the GPU-Z boost clock, then the actual boost clock while gaming, it's always higher.

    "For MSI that reference clock is 1019 with a boost up towards 1089 MHz. MSI has widened up the power limit as well, we've seen the card boost towards even 1189 MHz :)"

    "As stated the typical Boost Clock speed is 1089 MHz. The Boost Clock speed is based on the average GeForce GTX 670 card running a wide variety of games and applications. That Boost clock will vary from game-to-game depending on certain power conditions/envelope, we've seen it clock to roughly 1100~1150 MHz most of the time."

    For the dust removal feature, the fans spin backwards right at startup for a whole 30 seconds. The transition happens quickly, but it seems like there is a blue LED that lights up when the fans switch to regular mode.

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