New game pc setup - needing advice

Hey, looking to build a new pc fo gaming, just wondering whether or not this would be an alright system.

PSU - Corsair HX750
Motherboard - ASUS P8Z77-V Pro
CPU - Intel i7 3.5ghz Ivy Bridge
Cooling - Corsair H80 water cooler
RAM - 16gb (4x4gb) Corsair Vengeance
GPU - Nvidia GeForce GTX580

Information helping would be great, I havent built a new computer in a few years, fallen a bit behind.

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  1. much better computer

    watercooling is useless unless you do custom
    you dont need a i7 for gaming
    you dont need 16gb of ram for gaming
  2. Whats your budget?

    This should probably be in the price range of your current build,
    - Awesome CPU, mobo and cooler
    - GPU will max out any game out today
    - Able to add another 7970 in the future
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