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Hello all well today is the day that i make my PC... But i just want a Second opinion on things. The Processor that im getting is a AMD 6300 Series 3.5 and turbo up to 4.1 Ghz. The PSU im getting is 500 and the video card that im getting is the AMD 7850 His Cooler. My question is it comes with a 1 TB hdd do i HAVE to get a SSD? Would it make that much of a difference in performance? I can get a upgrade 8-core processor 3.1 but would it be worth it? Also im getting liquid cooling..but would like to know if 500watts be o for the overclocking if i ever wanted to? All opinions will be greatly appreciated. But i have to order the parts before 11:00... Thank you all
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  1. an SSD will speed up load & bot times alot but is not needed and will not improve performance in any other ways. Which 8 core processor. A good 500W PSU is fine but a cheap no name one is not.
  2. Im sorry i left a few things out it just says standard 500watt Psu. and the Mobo is Gigabyte GA AMD 970. The free upgrade Processor is 8120 3.1....i just don't know if its worth it? what do you think
  3. No stick with the 6300 over the 8120 the 83xx series are worth it but not the 81xx. I would avoid any PSU just decribed as standard get a Corsair, Antec, XFX or seasonic or one you can see has good expert reviews (not customer reviews)
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