New Build restarting after POST

Hello everyone!

I am totally stumped as to what could be wrong with my new home built system. I have the following problem: when turning the power on the system starts POSTs then approximately 5 secs later once hitting the BIOS screen it resets itself but then doesn't POST but des have power (fans spinning). Then after this (once powering off) it will only POST intermittently. I have tried all the usual suggestions, removing each component to see what is causing the probelm but can not seeme to make any headway.

The build is:

Gigabyte Z68AP Mobo
Intel core i5 3570
8GB Ripjaws memory
Radeon HD 6450 graphics card
Sandisk 240GB SSD
Samsung DVD drive
G7 Power extreme 680w PSU

any suggestions or further questions welcomed!!
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  1. So, you cannot enter BIOS with only the memory (1 stick) connected?
  2. That's correct, I can't. Have tried with both and just one (each stick separately)
  3. Then your board is shot or your processor is not seated correctly for some reason, or a bent pin

    Check with Gigabyte and see if you need memory in to POST, if not, then it should boot to BIOS without ram in any slot - so just the processor and power and video out of the motherboard
  4. Wait a second - your processor is a 3rd gen and your board only supports 2nd gen

    You need BIOS F8 says Gigabyte
  5. Oh bugger....really?
  6. ignore my last post - what's a BIOS F8?
  7. How do I do this without being able to get to the POST screen long enough?
  8. Seriously? You're on the Internet now and I provided you a link to the manufacturers web page - you can't figure it out by reading yourself???
  9. I'm on a different computer obviously. The one I'm building is the one I need to update?
  10. How can I update then if I can't get computer to boot?
  11. sorted this myself...thanks for the help.....hmmmm
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