Zotac 560 TI Fermi Question

This is pretty much the same with the normal 560 TI, except different warranties! The Zotac 560 TI is the same price as the 6870 double d edition. So I planning to get this, except their are only like 30 reviews and the rating is 3 eggs.


Should I get it or not?

This goes out to anyone who ACTUALLY got this card or usually get this type of brand: Zotac?

Also is this a great deal?


If the Zotac is pretty good, I go with that. But if it's not I will get the MSI Frozr II.
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  1. I don't trust Zotac. I have almost gotten so many times but something just makes me think that I shouldn't get there products. They never have good product reviews. I don't get anything on newegg that has less than 4 eggs. If it has 3 stars that means that a decent amount of people gave it 1 egg and most people only give a review like that of there was a problem with the warranty.
    Just get this one. I would pay 10 more for assurance of quality.
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