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I'm trying to build a gaming rig, bit by bit, and although i dont know what the Mobo and processor will be I know that I will be using the SAPPHIRE HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 graphics card in crossfire, which I think makes up for the majority of power consumption (?). I was looking at buying the following PSU as it recieved good reviews, but i have a tendency to overspend on stuff that i wont need. I was looking for advice on whether this is just right or too much:

And the graphics card:

The crossfire aspect is whats getting me, ive no idea how to account for that, whether to double the max power of one on its own (around 240watts max. i think) or do as some guides have suggested and just add another ~100 watts.

Any comments are greatly appreciated

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  1. A 600W psu will do, 850W is just overkill, this one is of quality and with a good price within that range :
  2. Cheers, this one sounds good :D.

    I thought i might have gone to excess...anyways, thanks for the advice!
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