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Looking to upgrade gaming based computer


My first post here, so any feedback is very much appreciated.

Currently I have:
I7-950 oc'd to 4ghz, 1600 DDR3Ram @ 1477mhz, Sabertooth x58 mobo, Geforce 690, 800 Watt Corsair Professional PSU.

I am actually very happy with my performance on a single monitor on 1080p 120hz, Crysis 3 seems to run amazing at maxed settings even with msaa x8, (40-70 fps, except at the start with the weird 'rope' PhysX supposedly)

My main question is - I plan on going to a triple 1080p monitor setup and I'm on somewhat of a budget at the moment, I can either nab the other 2 monitors or upgrade my computer and get the monitors later, I am wondering if my CPU and non-pci3e based mobo are going to bottleneck me strongly when trying to push for 3 screens, I am very new to multi-monitor and I know their is a lot of information out there and I've been searching but haven't quite got definitive answers for myself.

Is PCIE 3.0 16x much faster than 2.0? Would a 3 monitor setup bottleneck with my CPU/Ram/Mobo?

Thanks again in advanced!
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    No the 3 screens will need 3 times more GPU power and only a small amount more CPU power thana single. PCIE 2 has enough bandwidth for all GPUs you can buy at the moment.
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