HELP!!! Windows XP, Pioneer 106S DVD and AMD

Please, someone must have some advice for me?!?! I have assembled a system as listed here: MSI K7T266 Pro MB, AMD 1.4 266 fsb CPU, 512MB of DDR RAM, Gainward GeForce 3 VC (came with Win DVD and it works great cause I installed it on my older system but that system has a video card with no frills. The GeForce 3 has the TV in and out etc...!), TDK 16/10/40 Velo CD-RW, Floppy, IBM Deskstar 40GB HD and the Pioneer 106S DVD-ROM. The system is running on Windows XP. It was put assembled with the help of a friend, (about 90% him and 10% me, I am a beginner). Everything is running great, except the DVD drive. If you put a disk in it, you can see what he disk is on my computer but you can't get it to do anything with any info on the disk. What is wrong? Any ideas????

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  1. I have the exact same problem. I have been to lazy to try to fix it yet, but you might try uninstalling any UDF software. It happened to me right after I installed that stuff and the software disabled the auto insert notification. I'll tell you if I figure out how to fix it.
  2. UDF?

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  3. Packet CD software. Software usually used to Format CD-RWs as big Storage disks.

    Like Nero InCD, Adaptec DirectCD, or CDquadrat(don't know how to spell it) Packet CD.
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