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Hi guys,

I'm building a desktop after a very long while and still trying to get up to speed with everything. I just ordered an Asus Xonar DGX as my soundcard. Browsing the forums I then realized that it doesn't have DTS connect, from which I understand it won't be able to convert stereo to virtual 5.1?

I read that it only supports 2.1 over its optical output but what if I connect it to my 5.1 home surround system over its analog output?

I will mainly be using this card for gaming and will connect it to my 5.1 home surround system's receiver. What I'm trying to understand is, if I connect it using the analog the output will I get 5.1 sound even in the games which don't natively do surround or do I need a card which has DTS connect to be able to have that? From what I understand unless I'm watching a blue-ray on my computer I will only hear the front two speakers with DGX.

Help a noob out :)
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  1. The DGX supports 5.1 via analog. It can pass through 5.1 formats (Dolby/DTS) over optical, but can not convert un-encoded audio streams to either format. The DSX supports DTS encoding, the DX supports Dolby encoding. If you plan to use optical, you might want to cancel your order and get one of those cards.

    Alternatively, you can use analog, though you will probably need to do a bunch of TRS to RCA conversions, making cabling a bit of a hassle.
  2. Assuming your home surround system has 6 analog input plugs in an array labeled direct 5.1 input, than the answer is yes. If you mean can you get 5.1 over a single pair of stereo plugs, the answer is no.

    Each RCA input carries one channel of analog sound.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone, it's much clearer now :)
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