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HD 6870 CF FPS issues with DCS:A-10C

I have fostered an addiction to DCS Warthog within the last week or so, but I'm having some issues with my FPS and from what I've read and researched it doesn't seem like I should be. First off, my current setup:

AMD 970 Black 3.5Ghz
G.Skill 8GB DDR3 @1866 (although not compatible @higher than 1300)
Sapphire HD 6870 x2
PCPC 750W psu
GA-790XTA-UD4 Mobo
HannsG 27.5" Monitor (which is actually en route to me from being repaired, so currently using a 23" Asus)

The game actually runs almost 2x as well when I have only one of my cards installed, but it's still not that great... 11-23 FPS on the ramp/runway, 23-35 (over a city) when I'm at 500-1500 ft., and from there it gradually increases (as my elevation does) to 60+ both internally and externally. Settings are able to be set higher with just the single card in as well. With both cards in my rates, on the ground, can get as low as 5 (again, on lower settings). Afterburner shows that the two cards don't go higher than around 45% usage, but that the single card is around 80%-100%. Please help? It's important for my nerd boners that this game look really, really good. I've got a Saitek x52 HOTAS and TrackIR 4 Pro on the way and I'd like to have this fixed before they arrive. I almost pulled the trigger on a single XFX 7970 or 7950 as a replacement (was thinking it would be nice as well not to have to deal with CF issues) but figured that I should make some inquiries before I drop at least $320! Any help from you nerdy geniuses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    I should let you know that the Sapphire HD 6870 is known to have some very bad frame rate issues, my last computer had the Sapphire HD 6870 and the card was garbage I had EXACTLY the same problem you are having now. But i am trying to help you on this, I will be doing some more research on your problem and i will see what i can do, but I do recommend NVIDIA the gtx 660ti its is at a cheap price and it works and lasts great.
  2. Thanks, I really appreciate it! I clearly wasn't aware of that when I bought the set :( Does anyone have any input on whether or not moving from my troublesome 6870's to something like the the top-rated HD7950 (HIS IceQ Turbo) would advisable? Thanks
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  4. I ended up replacing the 6870's with a single HIS Iceq 7950. Huge performance increase over both the 6870 in CF and by itself! I also have almost all of the settings maxed. Thanks for your help again
  5. I used to have 6870 CFX, terrible microstuttering... not to mention that your 970 does likely not have the overhead to properly run 2 cards of that caliber imo...

    I have no clue what game your talking about but you should test with a single gpu...

    a single 6870 is a great setup but id steer clear of CF-X especially with that platform

    edit: well it sounds like the 7950 will suit you well, better off with a single powerful gpu with an am3 setup imo
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