First time cable sleeving, any/all help appreciated!

Hey guys, I appreciate any and all help in advance. I have never attempted to sleeve before and what to be comfortable with my knowledge before simply diving in and getting in over my head halfway through. I have watched plenty of videos (mainly lutroO and druid) on YouTube about sleeving and read quite a few FAQs, but as with many things it is hard to get a firm grasp on correctly cable sleeving without actually doing it yourself! I believe I am going to purchase paracord 550 as it seems moderately affordable and has many color offerings as well as stability/strength working for it. I am going to purchase 100ft of white and 100ft of red paracord for my cable sleeve project but still have a few questions stopping me from pulling the trigger:

1) As I am buying paracord it is possible to sleeve without the use of heat shrink correct? Fairly simple to do? Or would you recommend getting heat shrink? Why?
2) I would like the proper tools but don't need anything "advanced" I just want to be able to take the pins out of the connectors (but not with a staple etc) what tool(s) would I need to purchase? I found this on eBay but it almost seems like overkill. Comments?
3) I believe my PSU is modular as it does allow me to remove cords, however a major portion of the cables actually go into a rounded opening inside of the PSU itself (my 24pin connector among others) and will not allow me to simply un-clip/disconnect them as the others. What can I do about this? I will include a few pictures below
4) Also there are a couple of much larger wires coming from my case and connecting to my mobo, the USB and "AAFP" slots.. that I dont believe the paracord will be able to sleeve, or will it? What can I do about this as I would obviously like them to match.
5) This is dumb but... the cable going from my psu to the "ATX12V" connector on my motherboard is extremely short and literally goes right over everything (you'll see in the pictures attached) because it is so short and must go directly from point a to point b... I need a way to "extend" this cable or something..and once again I'm sure there is a simple solution but I have never done this before!

The link here is for the pictures detailing my questions. From left to right they show:
1)Shows my overall cable situation, and the short psu/ATX12V cable that must be extended
2)Shows extra thick cables mentioned in question #4 (I believe these to be case cables)
3)Shows cables going into the psu itself (24pin/SATA etc) What do I do?
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