Storm Trooper Side Panel and bottom optional Fans

Has anyone installed optional fans in a Storm Trooper case. I see you can put them in the bottom of the case or on the side panel. I was thinking of putting one where the ssd cage is blowing up, intake, and one on the side panel. Should the side panel be as intake blowing toward the mb,or as exhaust.Anyone have any suggestions on this setup, and what make of fans for these locations.Thanks...
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  1. yep

    have put 2 on the side panel

    didnt bother with one near the ssd cage

    i used red led silverstone air penetrators--not the cheapest fans but good quality--move plenty of air and quiet

    much better leds than the default coolermaster ones

    as intake
  2. poor quality photo from my phone

    but the silverstones are on the left--default fan on the right

  3. 1. In this case we have 2x 120 mm fans in the front. My question is - can we mount 2x 120 mm fans aside (like HDD fans)?
    2. Can we install 1x 200 mm fan on the side panel?
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