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A little help hooking up the power please

Hey guys. I am working on my very first PC build and I need a bit of help figuring a few things out.

PSU: Rosewill Capstone
GPU: AMD Radeon 7850

I am a bit unsure how to hook the power to the GPU and a unsure what to do with the CPU1 cable. I am pretty sure that the 20+ 4P goes to the right of the RAM. Where else could it go right?

What stumps me is the CPU1 and how to hook up the GPU. Just it connect to the MOBO? The only place I see that it could go is the top left of the MOBO.

With the GPU, do I use the PCI Express and SLI Ready or do I use both cables and only use the PCI Express on each one? Also, I am assuming that I just use the 6-Pin part of the connector and leave the additional 2 hanging free?

Here are the pics. Thanks for any help!

Where I think the 20+ 4P goes

Is this where CPU1 goes?

I have two of these. Is this what I use to hook up the GPU?

20+ 4P

CPU1 connector

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More about hooking power please
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    ther 20+4 goes in the long slot next to the ram. it will only fit 1 way. if theres 4 slots left over then plug the +4 in as well.
    use the 2x4 atx leads in the 8pin atx on the left of the cpu, not the high voltage 6+2pins they are for the gpu. again they will only fit 1 way.
  2. The 24-pin goes to the right of the RAM, the SLI-ready and PCI-Express ones both go in the GPU (order shouldn't matter), and for the CPU... there should be a 2 by 4 one (it's like LEGO!).
  3. So just one cable for the GPU. Use the SLI-ready for one 6-pin and use PCI-Express in the other 6-pin on the GPU

    The CPU1 connector is what you are calling the ATX 8-Pin right?

    So this

    in this

    and this

    in this

    Thanks to both for the quick response
  4. yes mate your getting it correct the cpu 1 (2x4 atx) is used in the 8 pin plug on the motherboard.

    the 2 6+2 plugs (sli ready/pci express) are for the gfx card. you will use em both on the gfx card with both +2 pins left loose.
  5. btw congrats on your first build. make sure your reading the manual page by page and following each step. do it this way may take you half an hour longer but it will save you 4 hours trying to figure out where you went wrong...

    things you need to pay particular attention to.
    the memory and which slots it goes into.
    the front pannel connectors from the case to the motherboard.
    make sure you get the power and reset buttons in the correct order as well as the hdd and power lights. seriously make sure you look in the manual for the wiring diagram. also make sure you have the case enclosure instructions to hand when wiring the front panel. often they can have slight revisions which you may need to take into account.

    but like i said your off to a good start. just take your time and keep reading as you go...
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  7. Thanks guys. All is hooked up. Now, I just have to power up and see what happens. Wish me luck.
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