PhenomII X4 965 BE or X6 1090T BE ?

Hi and thanks for reading.

I'm hoping for some educated opinions on this question.

PhenomII X4 965 BE @ Newegg for $99... or

PhenomII X6 1090T BE @ eBay $89 current bid

Of course Newegg is a sure thing with warranty while eBay is not, plus its anybody's guess what the high bid will end up being.

The only CPU intensive task I do is gaming... no video encoding, archiving, etc. ...

Benchmarks I have seen put them pretty close in performance, the biggest difference being that the X6 appears to be able to OC a bit higher. I'll be pairing it up with an HD 7850 on an ASRock A780GXE 128M as an upgrade from my old X2 550 BE / HD 4870 (Yes I'd buy a whole new platform, but the bank account won't permit that at this time)

Please wade in with info, especially if you have experience with either/both of the CPUs.

Thank you.
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  1. The 965 is going to be faster at stock clocks and for gaming the extra cores do not count. Saying that if you can extra .GHz out of the 1090 it is going to be faster.
  2. The x6 would be better if ur using programs that utilize the extra cores, or at least spread the work load between all six cores, like bf3, crysis3, and i believe FC3 etc.

    Ones new and other im guessing is used? if used u never know what ur getting, and the x4 with a oc usually around 3.8-4.2ghz works like a charm
  3. at the price, get the 1090T, they are normally able to get 4 - 4.2ghz just like the 965. But the 2 extra cores would just help in background tasks. They are pretty much the same CPU, just 1 is a quad and the other is a hex, Day and night difference, no, but I think its worth it. the 1090T is hard to find under 100$ any more.
  4. Get the 1090T, My FPS jump at least 20 FPS when I enable the 2 extra cores on my 960T in BF3 (with a 4.25Ghz O.C.)
  5. Thanks bunches for the replies mates. The bids on the 1090 went up,up, and up some more so I went with the X4. Its solid @ 4GHz and plays nicely with the 7850.

    All in all a good upgrade for a rig I built back in 2009! Hopefully it will give me another 2-3 years of gaming goodness.

    Pretty amazing, I think, to get such long life from one motherboard. Maybe someday I will be able to afford Intel gear, but until then AMD rocks for the gamer on a tight budget.
  6. Yep that is auction for you, the X6's are going to be in demand so prices will still be high. The X4 new at its current price is a good deal so enjoy.
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