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Would a top of the line graphics card or high end graphics card fit into the Inwin Mini-ITX BP655 Case? I was hoping either a 7870 or gtx 660 at the least, 7950 preferred though, thanks :)

here is a link to the case
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  1. Nope. That case will only accept low-profile (sometimes called half-height) cards. I know there are Radeon 7750 low-profile cards available, but I think that's the limit.

    Also - the case only has a 200W TFX PSU. With that PSU you can't use even a 7750. You are stuck on integrated graphics unless you find and install a larger capacity TFX size PSU. If you are building a mini-itx gaming system look for a case that accommodates a full-sized GPU and a decent capacity PSU. Bitfenix Prodigy is popular, but relatively large and heavy. There are many others just look around the web.
  2. kk thanks, what mini itx case could you recommend that would be able to fit a good gpu but be in smallest size possible
  3. This one note I am the seller so not unbiased. Remember you need to be able to fit a good enough PSU in whatever case you get as well as the card.
  4. so does that fit a full size gpu? i'm thinking of building a gaming pc before the next gen consoles come out, wanted it to be a mini itx pc, your case looks decent however i'm also considering this one
    apart from the look is there not much difference? and the price ofc
  5. The main difference is the coolermaster one has the power supply at the back which leaves less room for the CPU cooler but you can fit more hard drives also its larger 240 x 207.4 x 401.4mm vs 230 x 150 x 380mm. Also the CM comes with 2 fans and has front USB 3 instead of USB 2.
  6. Forgot to say both can fit full size GPUs and power supplies.
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