Intermittent black screen problem

Hello, I've recently had a very weird problem with intermittent black screen. It usually happens after 1h-2h gaming and the screen just goes black for a couple of seconds then goes back. Everything else is normal; progamme is still going and sound playing ect. Then the frequency will go up after the first black-out, but still highly ramdom; sometimes 3-4 times every five minutes, sometimes no problem for half an hour.
I suspect it is most likely to be an video card problem because the display is fine when playing movies. The weird thing is there is no problem at all even if I run the benchmark for 3 consecutive times and the temp rises higher than it could be during gaming and activity is maxed. Any idea where the problem is? Could it be any hardware problem other than the video card?
Video card: HD6950 2GB Sapphire (less than 2 years, slightly OC'd 5% before, returned to default setting recently but the problem persists)
Power: Coolmaster GTX650
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  1. Wow O.O ,I have EXACTLY the same problem and it happens exatly in the same way plus watching youtube or browsing on internet...and its fine when i'm on desktop...

    video card: Ati Radeon HD5670 1GB DDR5

    power: 500w

    Did you tried with a different monitor? Or did found a solution yet?

    Note: I think it happens more frequently (while on internet) when it has some animation displaying on the monitor like a .GIF or a video
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