Dell optiplex gx280 cpu replacement pentium 4 540 -> celeron 420

the celeron 420 is at 1.6 ghz versus 3.0 ghz for the Pentium. I did the replacement because I need a cpu that takes less power. I don't think you could under clock the pentium 4 on the dell bios.

Anyways - the computer will not start with the celeron. the computer powers on but the power light stays orange and the display stays black.

WHat is the reason that the Celeron is incompatible? I'm 99% sure the dell bios A08 would support this processor.

I have the "mini-tower" by the way - there is 5 models of the gx280. I followed the instructions on the online dell user manual for changing the processor. the one step I missed is unplugging the power cord(s) from the motherboard. It's a tight connection and It would not come out.
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  1. the dell optiplex gx280 has a series of lights which turn on at boot to help with troubleshooting. so I will look at that post the result.
  2. You have unusual question - downgrading CPU, this is the best I was able to digg
    GX280 was sold with those Celerons, others would not work.

    2.93 GHz, 340, Celeron Prescott, Socket-T, 533, E0
    2.80 GHz, 335, Celeron Prescott, Socket-T, 533, E0
    2.66GHz, 330, Celeron Prescott, Socket-T, 533, E0
    2.53 GHz, 325, Celeron Prescott, Socket-T, 533, E0

    Upgrade your BIOS prior to changing CPU, always, unless instructed otherwise.
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